Saturday, 9 June 2012

Review: Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen

Dark Kiss
Michelle Rowen
Publication date: 22nd May 2012

He spoke softly into my ear. "I should warn you, it's a very dangerous kiss. It'll change your life forever, so you have to want it."

Dark Kiss is the first book in the new series Nightwatchers by Michele Rowen, if you like angels and demons then this is right up your street. Unknown to Sam her kiss with long term crush Stephen does change her life, basically Stephen by kissing her has consumed her soul making her a "grey". It's only when Sam helps the very gorgeous but confused angel Bishop who has recently been sent to earth, that Sam becomes aware of the implications of that kiss, it makes her realise that the almost overwhelming hunger she has is not for food.

Bishop's mission is to rid the world of the very strange threat that seems to be consuming the souls that heaven and earth need to keep universal balance. Sam's very presence seems to help untangle Bishop's thoughts which have got very jumbled on his fall down to earth, Sam is also the only person who can see the lights shining down from heaven which point out to Bishop the "humans" he needs to kill. But don't worry it's all part of the mission! they don't stay dead they turn into friendly demons tasked to help Bishop find the real source which is turning the kids into greys. In turn, Bishop promises to help Sam get back her soul.

Keeping up? Good. Overall, I quite enjoyed Dark Kiss, angels and snarky demons working together for a change is quite refreshing. Bishop was the real hook for me, he provided enough of a potential romance and mystery to ensure I'll look out for the next instalment.

Thanks to Net galley and Harlequin for the opportunity to read and review Dark Kiss.


  1. While i didn't flip over this i too enjoyed it. I liked the homeless guy that spoke in riddles. Great Review

  2. I'm not normally and angel book fan, but this one sounds interesting. Thanks for the review :)


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