Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Review and giveaway: Reaping Me Softly by Kate Evangelista

Reaping me softly

Reaping Me Softly
Kate Evangelista
Publication date: 30th October 2012
Reviewed by Lesley

Niko Clark is the Reaper of Georgia, his boss and master Death is tired, overworked and gets migraines so allows Reapers from each state to escort souls for processing and enforce death certificates on his behalf to maintain balance in the world. Reapers must take energy from the souls to survive but must follow protocol and blend into society so when Niko who has blended beautifully as a gorgeous high school kid starts to question his purpose as a Reaper his resulting Reaper depression sees him nearly fading away (quite literally) through lack of energy feed.

Arianne Wilson can see dead people, or their souls to be exact. She's had a crush on Niko for years and looks forward to catching a glimpse of him in Chemistry so when she sees Niko slumped and looking ill she saves him by taking him back to his house. His Reaper caretaker knows he needs energy from souls to survive so when Ari sees the souls he has reaped she realises that Niko is no ordinary kind of guy. To Niko Ari is his angel, she's his reason to live, and their growing feelings for each other is something neither Niko or Ari have faced before but when Niko reaps the soul of someone Ari loves it puts their love very much to the test.

Reaping Me Softly is a very addictive new YA paranormal romance. I loved the mixture of the paranormal Reaper world and Ari and Niko's sweet little YA-ish romance. Equally, I really enjoyed the supporting characters especially the very overworked Death and Niko's sort of Reaper father figure Tomas. I was pleasantly surprised by the additional bullying storyline and my heart honestly just went out to Ari and her sister Carrie on more than one occasion. I'll definitely be checking out the next instalment.




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  1. I've never seen this title before! Looks good, and I love the play on words "Reaping Me Softly" aka "Killing Me Softly." Thanks for the giveaway!
    Ninja Girl

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  3. Thank you for participating in the tour!

  4. Hi!
    This is one of my favorite all-time covers, so awesomely creep!
    The books sounds really good too :)

  5. Wow! What a great cover and title! This sounds like a great story. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Thank you so much for participating in the tour! *hugs*


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