Thursday, 25 October 2012

Review: Double Time by Olivia Cunning

double timeDouble Time
Sinners on Tour #3
Olivia Cunning
Publication date: 1st November 2012
Reviewed by Lesley

Olivia Cunning's Sinners on Tour series is one of my favourite guilty pleasures. Double Time is the third book in the series and is equally as HAWT as the other two, it's full of and I mean full of hot and completely full on schmexy scenes that are certainly not for the faint hearted. For me though this series is complete and utter escapism and satisfies those long lost teenage desires to fall madly in love with a gorgeous and sexy rock god.

Trey tugged at my heartstrings throughout Double Time. He's always kind of pined after fellow band member Brian but now that Brian and Myrna have a baby and remain completely and utterly loved up Trey finally has to let go and move on.

The heroine Reagan therefore enters Trey's life at exactly the right time- the winner of a competition to be Exodus End's new guitarist (Dare's band- giant swoon for Dare!)- Trey falls completely for the boyish, spunky and completely adorable Reagan. Trey wants to commit to Reagan and "give up" his bisexual lifestyle for her and his struggle to do this was honestly heart breakingly good. When he meets Reagan's roommate and ex boyfriend the very alpha male bisexual Ethan things therefore get a little bit interesting.

Two things though made me like rather than luuuurve Double Time. Firstly, this book is out of sequence it should be the fifth rather than the third book which kind of made it a bit confusing and spoilerish when Jace and Eric's HEA were there before I'd read their books. Not that it will stop me from reading their books of course but it was just a bit bizarre. Secondly I wasn't overtly keen on Ethan, he used to date Reagan until she caught him with another guy so I couldn't really say I enjoyed him coming into Reagan and Trey's relationship it seemed maybe a bit convenient and I'm not sure I would have forgiven him or trusted him in the future like Reagan did. That being said the scenes were classic Olivia Cunning super HAWT and enjoyable! Overall, I would say that Trey made the book for me, his struggle and finally acceptance of who he really is really did tug at my heart strings.

Sinners on Tour still remains my favourite smut with a heart series and I'm really, really looking forward to Dare's story now!

Thanks to Net Galley and Sourcebooks for the opportunity to read and review Double Time.



  1. Love this and completely agree! "Sinners on Tour still remains my favourite smut with a heart series and I'm really, really looking forward to Dare's story now!"

    1. You know Autumn I think "smut with a heart" should be a new category in publishing!!

  2. This is one of those series I really keep meaning to pick up. I know so many people who just love it. And so agree "smut with a heart" should totally be a publishing category. LOVE that ;)


  3. I love this series and can not wait for this, I love Trey, not long to wait now


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